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Ear Reconstruction


Ear Reconstruction Preoperative


Torn Ear Lobes

Heavy earrings worn for long-term can lead to stretching of the holes and sometimes complete tears of the earlobe.  Torn ear lobes can be easily repaired under local anesthesia and the ears can be pierced again after 3-6 months.

Ear Reconstruction Postoperative

Postoperative Lobule Reconstruction


Defects of the ear resulting from trauma or skin cancer may require extensive reconstruction of the cartilage and skin of the external ear.  These reconstructions are typically performed in one or two stages.








Microtia –(small or absent ear)

Malformation of the external ear may require complex reconstruction requiring the use of cartilage from the rib.  This reconstruction is usually postponed until a minimum age of eight to allow for growth of the rib cage.  A new ear framework is sculpted from the cartilages and buried underneath the skin where the new ear is to be created.  Approximately three months later the “new ear” is elevated from underneath the skin and grafted to create the “normal” projection.  Prosthethics are also available, however, are prone to fall off and degrade requiring expensive replacements.  The cartilage sculpted ear is the preferred “permanent” reconstruction recommended by most plastic surgeons and are more resistant to infections than synthetic ears.

Large ears may also be reduced using techniques involving removal of skin and cartilage.  Scars are placed in the shadows of the ear creases to conceal any evidence of surgery.

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