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Craniosynostosis Surgery in New York and Long Island

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Craniosynostosis Surgery New York and Long Island

Craniosynostosis is a fusion of the growth plates (sutures) of the skull that may affect as many as 1/2000 children. Affected infants present with either flattening or protrusion of the forehead or occiput (back of the head) and may also have deformities of the ears and orbits (eye sockets). Early fusion of the sutures can cause not only an aesthetic deformity but also may increase the pressure on the brain (known as intracranial pressure). This is thought to possibly contribute to developmental delay and surgical intervention is typically required.

Endoscopic release vs. cranial vault remodeling

The affected suture can be released either endoscopically (using a camera) or using an open approach (direct visualization). Endoscopically released sutures require helmet therapy for at least six months post-operatively to help mold the skull into a normal position. Endoscopic suture release is thought to work well for craniosynostosis diagnosed early (1-2 months) and is particularly effective in sagittal synostosis. The ability of endoscopic release to effectively treat other types of craniosynostosis (metopic. unicoronal, lambdoid) is highly debatable.

The gold standard for craniosynostosis is open calvarial vault remodeling. The affected suture is removed and the skull remodeled using resorbale plates, sutures, and screws to achieve an anatomic result. No helmet is required since the results are achieved intraoperatively. Cranial vault remodeling effectively also treats the orbital (eye socket) deformity. Children recover incredibly well and are typically discharged after four days.

Dr. Bastidas, a craniofacial surgeon and pediatric plastic surgeon in New York and Long Island specializes in the treatment of craniosynostosis. A full, thorough evaluation, including a possible 3dCT is performed and a strategic plan is outlined during the consultation. All surgeries are performed at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center, with a dedicated perioperative team with experience in complex craniofacial surgery. Dr. Bastidas also offers consultations to patients throughout the international community and nationwide.

Dr. Nicholas Bastidas is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in the treatment of pediatric and adult craniofacial abnormalities.  He is a specialist in craniosynostosis surgery and uses cutting edge minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Bastidas is a leader in craniofacial surgical procedures and serves the Long Island and greater New York region. Call us today at (516) 497-7900. We are looking forward to serving you and your family.